Hand Applique or Machine Applique

Beige FADF

This is the Folk Art Deco Flowers using machine applique.  As lovely as the hand applique just different.  I actually made this pattern three different times before my quilting friends said “move on!” LOL! A few of the applique motifs are still my favorites and you will see them again in following posts.  I am often asked if I have a preference between hand applique and machine applique.  Not really.  I enjoy the process of both and for me it is more about working with the fabric and color.  I do have some “rules” I go by that I have learned by experimenting with different products which I will talk about next.  It is as much about the process, if you are getting joy out of what you are doing then your doing it right.

It Began Here

Like most anything it usually starts with an idea.  I have considered myself a “sewer” for as long as I can remember.  Actually my first memory of being around sewing was at my Grandma’s house.  Grandma and my mom were working on a project and I was given a tin of buttons, needle and thread to ‘keep myself busy’.  From there as a teen I sewed in a 4H club.  Then started making quilts in the 80’s to again ‘keep myself busy’.  My love for applique grew from there.  Folk Art Deco Flowers was the beginning of my journey into Applique Art.Red Black FADF